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How can communication in healthcare be improved?

One of the driving forces behind medical errors in New York is communications issues. Many situations where a patient suffers due to someone's negligence can be traced back to miscommunication. There are many reasons why such issues occur, and for years, the medical profession has been trying to fix them. Some solutions have introduced new issues, but there are others that have been working well. The ultimate goal is to find what works and implement it in every healthcare setting.

According to STAT, miscommunication may occur between the medical staff treating you or between you and a medical provider, which then leads to some type of medical error. Bad communication may be a result of interruption errors, rushing or bad recordkeeping, among other things. Something as simple as writing a number wrong could lead to you being seriously injured or even killed. One of the most dangerous situations is if you are being transferred from the care of one medical provider to another or one facility to another because communicating all the important details can easily get messed up.

My deceased parent left behind 2 wills, what now?

In the midst of all the confusion and grief your family is going through in New York because your parent has passed away, passed away, you learn they left behind two wills. While this may not seem like a big deal for everyone to get upset about, it can cause a great deal of conflict and tension between you and your family members. 

Your loved one could have left behind multiple wills for a variety of reasons. They may have forgotten where they kept their original one, went through multiple life events where they felt the need to update their estate plans or simply failed toss out a previous version. Regardless of their reasons, take some time to review what happens when someone leaves behind multiple wills

Distracted drivers are a danger to us all

The streets of Brooklyn are busy, so there isn't any place on them for drivers who aren't paying attention to the roadway. These drivers pose a risk to everyone else who is on the road with them, including other drivers, occupants of vehicles and pedestrians.

The distracted driving issue isn't new. However, it has gotten worse since people are tied to their phones. This is only one of the things that can distract drivers. Here are some points to consider about distracted driving.

What 2 issues can lead to probate litigation?

When planning your estate in Brooklyn, one thing you should keep sight of is potential problems your loved ones may encounter in probate. Even though you have specific ideas about how you want your estate and assets to be distributed, your family members may not agree with them.

Disputes are just one of several problems your estate may encounter after your death. Take some time to review the following probate problems so you can take actions to protect your estate from them. 

Choosing the right estate executor

Many people in the Brooklyn area do not realize that there is much more to making estate plans than making wills. Executors are necessary to settle their estates. There are many duties involved in managing estates. They may feel inclined to choose one based on their relationship to them. However, family and familiarity are not always the best reasons to use. 

Some people consider it an honor to serve as executors. But there are many things they must do before they can distribute assets to the heirs, states If they do not manage the estate properly, complications can occur, such as disputes, hurt feelings, damaged relationships between surviving family members and higher estate administration expenses. Here are some tips to help with executor selection. 

How to avoid issues with your last will or estate plan

Deciding to take responsibility for planning your estate and putting together a last will is an important first step. However, a lot of planning and consideration need to go into your estate and last will in order to ensure your last wishes are properly carried out. Working with a professional who understands New York probate law is an important component of estate planning. So is doing your best to avoid confusion and inter-personal conflicts as a result of your last will.

Begin estate planning as soon as possible, ideally before your health or mental faculties begin to decline. You can always update and change a will after the fact, but putting it off too long could result in people questioning its validity. Being very specific about which assets or what amount of your estate should go to each heir is also important. Avoid vague language, and be as precise and complete in bequeathing your assets as is possible.

What are the car seat laws in New York?

Properly restraining your children when in a vehicle is essential to preventing serious injuries or death if you are involved in an accident. New York State has implemented child restraint laws to ensure you are providing your children with the proper safety seats. It is your responsibility to know the laws and follow them. You could face fines and other penalties if a law enforcement officer catches you breaking these laws.

Children age eight and younger must use some type of child restraint system. A seat belt alone does not provide proper protection. For those under the age of four, a car seat must be used. Children five to eight can use a booster seat. If a child weighs over 40 pounds and is under the age of four, he or she can also be put in a booster seat. You should follow all manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for safety device use. This usually means following weight, height and age restrictions.

A guide to disinheriting heirs

Whatever the reason, it is possible for a person to disinherit an heir in New York. It is usually done as part of a will or estate planning process. However, not every heir can be disinherited and even if it is done legally, some heirs will not be satisfied and may fight the estate after the person's death. It can be a sticky situation, which is why it must be done properly to avoid issues in the future.

According to CNBC, there are some ground rules for disinheriting a person in a will. It is against the law to remove inheritance rights from minor children or a legal spouse. Even if such wording in is a will, it will not stand up in probate court. Adult children, though, can be left out of a will. Specific language should be used to make it clear leaving this child out of the will was intentional or the court could see it as an oversight.

The importance of title insurance when buying property

Most people who purchase a home end up purchasing title insurance as well. In general, lenders require a comprehensive title policy to protect their investment. For those who are buying homes financed by the seller or who are paying cash for the property, title insurance could seem like an unnecessary expense. After all, policies are typically at least $500, but may be well over $1,000 for more pricey properties. You can easily feel tempted to forgo this expense when buying real estate.

After all, you think to yourself, who really ends up needing title insurance? The truth is that it is difficult to predict when a title insurance policy will become necessary. Failing to have one on a property, however, could result in losing out on all the money you've invested in said property. Given the risk of losing your property and all investments you've made in it, the cost of a title policy is minor compared to the peace of mind it offers.

What are some statistics on large truck accidents?

It is not a secret that accidents involving large trucks are usually devastating. Such accidents occur on New York roadways daily. To understand how big the problem really is, it helps to understand the issue on a national scale through looking at statistics. This can enable you to gain an idea of why and how such accidents occur, along with the risks they pose.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, strict government regulations mean alcohol is rarely a factor in large truck accidents. Only about three percent of deaths in 2015 were attributed to drivers with a BAC over.08 percent. Single vehicle truck accidents are not too common either with only 16 percent of deadly crashes involving just the truck in 2015.

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