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Doing your estate planning now helps give you peace of mind

A lot of people avoid sitting down to discuss their last will or estate plan. Some people may find it morbid to think about and plan for their own death, but doing so empowers you and protects the people you love. You shouldn't wait until retirement age or later to handle these important decisions.

As soon as you accumulate substantial assets or have dependents, you should be thinking about an estate plan. Doing so helps ensure that your assets go to the people and non-profits you want. An estate plan can help you ensure that your children and spouse are adequately provided for in the event of your death.

Borrowed car accident liability

Many people let others drive their vehicles in New York. Whether it is a family member or a friend, most people do not hesitate when someone asks to borrow their vehicle to run a quick errand or to go somewhere for the day. However, things can get complicated if the person borrowing a vehicle gets into an accident. It then becomes a situation where everyone wants to know who is responsible for damages.

In general, it will be the insurance of the person who owns the vehicle that will cover expenses, according to Esurance. As long as the owner gave the person permission to drive his or her vehicle, then the insurance on that vehicle is the first used in the event of an accident. This changes, though, if the person did not have permission to drive it or if another vehicle was at fault for the accident. Without permission, it is the liability of the driver to cover accident costs, and when another driver is at fault, costs become that driver’s responsibility.  

Is negligence required to prove medical malpractice?

Negligence is the backbone of any medical malpractice suit in New York. Negligence simply means you did not use reasonable care to ensure something was done properly. When it comes to medical malpractice, the U.S. National Library of Medicine notes that there are certain elements that must be proven with negligence being the underlying point. These elements include the incident resulted in damages of some kind to you, the incident was caused by a person who had a professional duty to provide you with care, and due to the person not honoring this duty, you suffered an injury.

The idea of medical malpractice is not a new one and goes back to ancient law. The main point is that when a person performs in a professional capacity, they have some obligation to ensure the services they provide will not hurt those they are providing them to and they will do their best to ensure a favorable outcome. Basically, you have the right to go to a doctor and assume that he or she will not cause you unreasonable harm and will do his or her best to help you.

What is a guardianship?

When it comes to planning what will happen after you pass away, it is also important to consider who will help you if you become unable to make important decisions while you are still alive. Your estate plan in New York can also include guidance on establishing a guardianship, or conservatorship, to handle your affairs if you become incapacitated.


Sidewalk injuries: What you can do in New York

New York is a busy state with lots to do and see. There are many areas with public transportation, but it is also normal to walk where you want to go. To do that, you'll take a sidewalk in most cases, which helps keep you off the roads.

The problem with some sidewalks is that they are not maintained properly. When a sidewalk starts to break down or doesn't match up evenly with other sections, it poses a threat to those who use it.

What is a Mansfield bar?

When you have driven behind a large truck on a New York roadway, you have likely noticed how it has a bar that extends down from the bed in the rear. This bar or special bumper is often referred to as the Mansfield bar or DOT bar. According to Mental Floss, these under-ride bars were made a mandatory requirement by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This move and the nickname of the bar were influenced by the tragic death of actress Jayne Mansfield.

Jayne Mansfield and two other passengers were killed in an accident when the vehicle she was riding in hit the rear of a semi-truck and went underneath the bed of the truck.  While her children, who were in the backseat, survived the crash, the world lost one of its most promising starlets. She was a big name in the 50s and 60s, often compared to Marilyn Monroe. One of her surviving children is an actress herself who you may know from television, Mariska Hargitay.

How does alcohol impair a driver?

One of the biggest issues with drunk driving is that many drivers are not even aware of how the alcohol they have consumed is affecting them. To be a responsible New York driver, it is important for you to know what effects alcohol has on your body and your driving ability. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines what happens to you as your blood alcohol content rises.

Blood alcohol levels can be compared to the number of drinks you have had. While it is not an exact science because each person metabolizes alcohol at different rates, it is a good guideline. A drink is considered to be 0.6 ounces of pure alcohol, which in terms of drinks means a shot of 80-proof liquor, eight ounces of malt liquor, 12 ounces of beer or five ounces of wine.

What are some types of doctor errors?

Everyone makes mistakes, but when your New York doctor makes a mistake, the outcome is usually very serious. This is a profession where simple oversights and errors can cost someone’s life. To become an informed patient who can watch out for problems is a good way for you to avoid becoming the victim of a mistake. CoverMD goes over a few types of doctor errors that occur every day.

Delays in treatment often occur because a doctor thinks a test can wait or because he or she misdiagnoses what is wrong with you. For example, if you were having a bit of discomfort in your chest or stomach area, the doctor may decide it is just indigestion, give you some pills and send you home. In reality, this could be a sign you are having a heart attack. Not getting the proper treatment could lead to heart damage or even death.

Medical errors third leading cause of death

The health care profession is one of the most trusted industries in New York and across the United States. People depend on their physicians, surgeons, nurses and pharmacists to diagnose their conditions, give them medication and keep them healthy. Although people put their lives in the hands of these educated professionals every day, medical errors are more common than some may think.

A study published in BMJ reported that medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine discovered that medical mistakes made by negligent physicians, miscommunication, poor skill and oversight cause more deaths than stroke, accidents, Alzheimer’s and respiratory disease. In fact, mistakes made in hospitals and other health care facilities take 251,000 lives every year. This calculates out to 700 deaths every day.

Injured on New York public transit? You need an attorney.

There are a broad number of reasons to take public transportation in New York. If the train is on time, it can be faster than walking, driving on your own or taking a cab. It can also be safer than riding in a car or a taxi, where you could end up in a vehicle with someone who is a poor driver or emotionally unstable.

However, accidents do happen on the subway. When they do, they are often catastrophic. Most serious injuries and fatalities on the subway involve either electrocution or blunt force trauma. Sometimes extremities, such as arms and legs, can get ripped off by a speeding train.

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