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What are the car seat laws in New York?

Properly restraining your children when in a vehicle is essential to preventing serious injuries or death if you are involved in an accident. New York State has implemented child restraint laws to ensure you are providing your children with the proper safety seats. It is your responsibility to know the laws and follow them. You could face fines and other penalties if a law enforcement officer catches you breaking these laws.

What is whiplash?

If you have been in a car accident in New York, you may have suffered from whiplash. This condition is commonly a result of an accident that had a hard impact and caused your head to be whipped violently forward and back. According to WebMD, whiplash is an injury to the neck caused by strain.

Borrowed car accident liability

Many people let others drive their vehicles in New York. Whether it is a family member or a friend, most people do not hesitate when someone asks to borrow their vehicle to run a quick errand or to go somewhere for the day. However, things can get complicated if the person borrowing a vehicle gets into an accident. It then becomes a situation where everyone wants to know who is responsible for damages.

How does alcohol impair a driver?

One of the biggest issues with drunk driving is that many drivers are not even aware of how the alcohol they have consumed is affecting them. To be a responsible New York driver, it is important for you to know what effects alcohol has on your body and your driving ability. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines what happens to you as your blood alcohol content rises.

New technology could curb texting and driving

Despite strict laws in New York that make texting and driving illegal, people continue to use their hand-held devices to talk, text, post selfies and update social media profiles while behind the wheel. As a result, thousands of people are involved in distracted driving car accidents and are seriously injured or are killed every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the death of 35,092 people across the nation in 2015. Distracted driving deaths rose by 8.8 percent from the previous year.

What should I do in a hit-and-run?

The sound of screeching tires, crunching metal and breaking glass can be scary enough on its own, but what do you do when the other driver speeds off? This is an unfortunate circumstance that many motorists in New York and around the country find themselves in every day. Knowing what you should do before you ever find yourself here can make the situation safer, less stressful and increase your chances of achieving justice.

Are you experiencing post-accident emotional outbursts?

You were hit by a car while riding your bicycle to work two weeks ago. Now, after treatment for a broken collarbone and wrist, you're trying to return to your regular schedule. However, you keep experiencing unexpected emotional outbursts.

5 things you must do immediately after a car accident

Car accidents are frightening, shocking, and traumatic. Even if you're not injured, you could find yourself standing on the side of the road, shaking and breathing hard, starting at your car and unable to believe you walked away from that. If you or a loved one is injured, it's a chaotic whirlwind that can last for months. Either way, it's a jarring experience, and it's important to take the proper steps after a crash. The steps you take after a car accident can make a world of difference if you need to pursue a personal injury claim. These steps include:


For drivers in most New York vehicle accidents, injury claims are made against their own auto insurance policy. Under this no-fault law, it does not matter who was responsible for the collision. However, personal injury actions are allowed for claims involving serious injuries or death. Serious injuries include fractures, significant limitation of a body function, and injuries that impair the victim's ability to function normally for at least half of the six months following the accident. In these cases, the other driver can be sued for damages including pain and suffering, which are not available in no-fault claims.


Most people understand that their ability to recover compensation in motor vehicle accidents depends on who was at fault for causing the accident. This is true in all states. If you suffer a serious injury in a car accident, consult a Brooklyn car accident attorney and find out about your rights to recover damages. 

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