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Fighting For Compensation For Injuries On Mass Transit

Millions of people ride public transportation in our city every day, trusting the transit authorities to get them where they need to go safely. But when accidents happen and passengers or pedestrians are injured, injury victims need care and compensation to recover. At the law office of Goldberg Sager & Associates in Brooklyn, we represent injury victims who have suffered as the result of accidents on buses, subways and rail lines in and around the New York City metropolitan area.

Our experienced lawyers are here to help you if you or a loved one was hurt. We have extensive experience providing injury victims and their families with the comprehensive legal support and advocacy they need. If you or a loved one has been injured in a subway or bus accident, on the Long Island Rail Road or the Metro-North Railroad, or due to negligence or carelessness by the New York City Transit Authority, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) or another city or state agency, contact our firm today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Ready To Take Action Against Negligent Parties

If you have been injured in an accident on a New York City bus or subway, you must file your notice of claim with the appropriate entity within 90 days of the accident or your claim may be barred. This is a critical deadline.

Sometimes third parties such as drivers of other vehicles are at fault in these accidents. Our attorneys will act quickly to determine who is at fault and take every step necessary so that the liable parties are held responsible for your care, coverage and compensation.

Types Of Injuries

Injuries sustained in a subway or bus accident may be caused by:

  • Bus collisions
  • Slip-and-fall accidents inside the bus or subway
  • Getting crushed or caught in the subway doors
  • Being dragged by a subway/train
  • Sudden stops
  • Assault on the bus or subway
  • Negligent maintenance
  • Negligent equipment installation
  • Pedestrian accident involving a bus or other mass transit

We also represent individuals in pedestrian injury claims when they have been hit by a bus, subway or train.

Our lawyers provide attentive, responsive service. We will listen to you, carefully evaluate all of your needs and guide you throughout every step of the legal process. You likely have major concerns about your medical care, paying for medical treatment, lost wages and taking care of your family. We handle the insurance issues and exhaust all available options to respond to your needs and ease your worries. We try to settle claims outside of court, but if litigation becomes necessary, we have the trial skills needed to fight for your interests.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Case

If you have been hurt in a bus or subway accident, we can meet with you in your home or hospital to discuss your legal needs. You are in good hands with the attorneys at Goldberg Sager & Associates. We truly care about helping our clients reclaim and rebuild their lives after accidents. Contact us today to learn more.