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Helping You Recover From The Wrongful Death Of A Loved One

What could be more heartbreaking than losing a family member in a fatal accident? At the law office of Goldberg Sager & Associates, we understand the many hardships that occur when you lose a loved one. Our lawyers can help you get through this period and reclaim and rebuild your life after a tragic loss.

For decades, our firm has stood by the side of grieving families in Brooklyn, New York, and all of the surrounding communities. We provide our clients with personalized, compassionate representation.

Exploring Your Options And Pursuing Justice

If you have lost your spouse, child, parent or sibling due to someone else negligence, malpractice or recklessness, you have legal options to help you move forward. We at Goldberg Sager & Associates are ready to assist your family in finding justice. Our firm handles claims such as:

  • Fatal car and truck accidents
  • Dog bite fatality cases
  • Fatal bus and subway accidents
  • Wrongful death resulting from medical malpractice
  • Death from nursing home negligence or abuse

While no amount of money can make up for your loss, compensation can help make up for lost income, pay for medical costs and give you some resources to support you and your family during this difficult period.

Insurers And Settlements

Do not take for granted that the claims adjuster or another representative from an insurance company is on your side. The insurance companies are in business to save money, not to pay out claims. As your attorneys, we will handle the insurance company for you, advocating relentlessly for your full recovery while you concentrate on healing.

While we work to settle wrongful death cases outside of court, your case is in good hands should trial become necessary. Our lawyers are highly skilled and experienced in the courtroom. We make every effort and exhaust all available options to ensure you are properly cared for after your tragic loss.

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The attorneys at Goldberg Sager & Associates have a reputation for being caring, compassionate and attentive in handling wrongful death matters. We take these cases on a contingency basis; we do not take payment until we reach a settlement or verdict for you. Contact us today for help.