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Guidance In Your Paternity Case

At the Brooklyn law office of Goldberg Sager & Associates, we understand that establishing paternity is important for the welfare of your child. Our lawyers recognize the stress of uncertainty that comes with legal matters related to fatherhood.

Equipped with more than 25 years of experience assisting clients, we take pride in helping clients resolve paternity disputes so they can move on with their lives and build a positive future for their family.

How To Establish Paternity In New York

Establishing paternity with a petition to the court or an acknowledgment of paternity form is important for unwed couples if they separate and a parent seeks custody or child support. Both parents have rights, but an unmarried father can exercise them only if a court says so.

Consider the following important information regarding paternity in New York:

  • It is essential that both parents understand their responsibilities to their child or children.
  • Both parents have a right to be active in their children's lives as well as a duty to support their children.
  • If the parents are not married, the father must obtain a court order to legally maintain contact with the child once he is separated from the mother.

Paternity matters can be complicated by a divorce or separation or between unmarried couples in family court matters. For questions or concerns related to these issues, seek help from the attorneys of Goldberg Sager & Associates.

Questioning Paternity

Questions of paternity most often arise when a man is attempting to establish his right to visitation or custody or a woman is trying to prove paternity to get the father to pay child support. An experienced attorney can explain how establishing paternity affords parental rights to the recognized father and also makes certain the correct person is given responsibility for child support.

DNA testing technology has improved in recent years. A painless and easy swab of the inside of the cheek can hold the key to proving paternity. A member of our firm can explain the DNA test process and help you petition the court to request that a test be performed. Once the process of establishing paternity has been completed, work with a our law office to address critical matters related to support, custody and visitation in court.

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