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Bicycle And Pedestrian Accidents Continue to Rise

For many people, walking and cycling are healthy activities that allow a person to enjoy the outdoors. According to the Highway Safety Association (HSA), bicycle and pedestrian accidents are on the rise. As summer approaches, the number of people engaging in cycling and walking in New York City will begin to increase. However, the number Read More

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Sidewalk Safety in New York

It’s nearly impossible to avoid every hazard on New York City’s 12,750 miles of sidewalks. The City’s infrastructure allows for most people to walk wherever they need to go, but it can prove dangerous at times. While the Department of Transportation (DOT) does its best to repair defective sidewalks, there are sometimes issues that are Read More

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Pancreatic Cancer: A Silent Killer!

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), seven percent of all cancer-related deaths are due to pancreatic cancer. The ACS estimates that approximately 44,330 people will die this year as a result of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer occurs in the tissue of the pancreas, which is located in the abdominal cavity. The pancreas is responsible Read More

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Hematology Errors Can be a Killer

In the United States, there are over 15,000 hematologists practicing medicine. A hematologist is a licensed physician that specializes in the study of blood, blood-forming organs, and blood disorders in order to diagnose and treat patients with blood-related diseases. Some types of blood disorders include: Sickle Cell; Hemophilia; Lymphoma; Leukemia; Thalassemia; Myeloperoxidase deficiency; Von Willebrand Read More

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Evidence in a Personal Injury Case May be Difficult to Obtain

In a personal injury lawsuit, a plaintiff must prove liability and damages in order to recover the compensation the law provides. Here, a plaintiff must demonstrate that a defendant’s negligent action or inaction resulted in damages. The elements to prove in a personal injury case include establishing that the defendant: Owed plaintiff a duty of Read More

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Intubation Errors are Becoming More Common

In certain situations, a person may be unable to breathe on his or her own, which requires a doctor to intubate a patient. Intubation is a procedure where a clinician inserts a tube down a patient’s airway and connects it to a ventilator. While this is a very common procedure, patients can be injured during Read More

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Sleep Deprivation Can Cause a Fatal Crash

According to the American Council on Science and Health, sleep deprivation is a common cause of fatal automobile accidents. According to a recent study, sleep loss is a significant risk factor when operating a vehicle. According to the study, the risk of getting into an accident increases by 150 percent when driving under the influence Read More

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Car Seat Defects May Give Rise to a Claim

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), infants and toddlers should be placed in a rear-facing car seat when riding in an automobile. Studies have shown that rear-facing car seats are much safer than forward-facing car seats. According to Injury Prevention (IP), infants and toddlers in forward-facing car seats are 78 percent more likely Read More

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Clinicians Make Mistakes While Inserting and Maintaining Feeding Tubes

Clinicians Make Mistakes While Inserting and Maintaining Feeding Tubes Under certain circumstances, a person may be unable to eat food, which requires a clinician to insert a feeding tube into the person’s stomach in order for he or she to receive proper nourishment. However, there are some instances where the patient is injured during the Read More

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Increasing Speed Limits: Getting There on Time vs. Getting There Safely

Increasing Speed Limits: Getting There on Time vs. Getting There Safely In 1973, the federal government instituted the national maximum speed limit to be 55 miles per hour (mph), but the goal at the time was not to save lives; it was to save fuel. The National Research Council noted that, in the first year Read More

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