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Ensuring The Welfare Of Your Loved Ones Through Guardianship

It is often necessary, but never easy, to take legal control of the affairs of an infirm parent, an adult child with disabilities or a severely injured sibling. Establishing a guardianship is appropriate for many reasons, including the death of a parent who has a minor child, advanced age, mental incapacity such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or psychiatric disorders, or physical incapacity such as disability or paralysis.

At Goldberg Sager & Associates, we can answer your questions and concerns regarding guardianship. We have experience in guardianship law, and we are happy to explain how the process works. In addition, our lawyers are skilled in all aspects of elder law.

Managing Your Affairs, Understanding Your Options

Elderly individuals are often the subject of guardianship proceedings, but guardianships may apply to others, too. Our firm helps individuals who are seeking guardianships understand their options. These are examples of the types of cases our lawyers handle:

  • Guardianships in relation to elder law: A legal guardianship may be tied into health care and financial aspects of elder care and elder law.
  • Defense against a guardianship: In certain cases, we represent individuals subject to a guardianship filing and help them assert that a guardianship is not appropriate.
  • Guardianships for adults: Adults who are incapable of caring for themselves due to physical incapacitation, mental illness, developmental disability or other reasons may require the intervention of a loved one or friend to ensure their well-being. In certain cases, a guardianship over an adult must be established for his or her own protection.

Our attorneys are sensitive to the needs of our clients and individuals who are the subject of a guardianship proceeding. Our attorneys can handle the creation of a legal guardianship and provide you with information regarding New York guardianship laws.

Guardianships Over Children

Though not as common as guardianships of the elderly and the disabled, guardianships over children may be necessary if a parent is unable to function or has died. An important estate planning consideration for parents is designating a guardian to care for minor or disabled children.

Goldberg Sager & Associates helps parents draft wills, trusts and other documents to designate guardians for and ensure the financial security of their children. Many guardianship cases result in child custody matters that our firm can also handle.

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