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Brooklyn Divorce Attorneys Provide Skillful Legal Guidance

Respected family law firm assists spouses across the New York area

How you handle the end of your marriage will shape your life and the lives of your children for many years to come. While nothing can eliminate the stress of divorce, an experienced, effective family lawyer gives you the best chance to preserve your rights and move forward successfully. Our law firm, Goldberg Sager & Associates, has made a positive difference for matrimonial law clients since 1992. Attorney Karen Goldberg Sager, who heads our family law practice, blends legal skill with the compassion clients need in every aspect of a New York divorce. Whether your case involves child custody issues, alimony disputes or conflicts over property division, we will handle each task with the commitment and professionalism you deserve.

Dedicated counselors handle the marriage dissolution process

Our family law attorneys share the knowledge we’ve gained over decades of legal practice to help you understand important issues such as:

  • Contested vs. uncontested divorce — Whether your divorce is highly contested or you’ve agreed on all of the necessary details, our lawyers will represent you in a cost-effective manner suited to your goals. Where appropriate, we will initiate the uncontested divorce process so you don’t have to make a court appearance.
  • Property distribution — New York property division decisions are based on what the judge believes is fair, though it is not necessarily an even split. By conducting a thorough review of marital assets and relevant issues, we can make the strongest possible case for an appropriate resolution, even when complex assets such as business shares and retirement accounts are involved.
  • Mediation — In many cases, using a qualified mediator can help resolve conflicts without the time, stress and aggravation associated with litigation. Even when divorces are highly contested, our attorneys work hard to find common ground while asserting our clients’ interests.

We know that divorce creates emotional and financial burdens, so our firm offers a free initial consultation to help you develop an informed perspective before deciding how to proceed. At every stage of your matter, our attorneys address your specific concerns and reply promptly to your questions.

Effective lawyers assist with child custody and support concerns

When minor children are part of a divorce, parents must take special care to meet their needs. Our lawyers vigorously pursue child custody and visitation agreements that are in the best interests of young people. Each son, daughter and family situation is unique, so we devote personal attention to matters of legal authority and residence. Whether these issues can be resolved through effective communication or we need to go court, we’ll fight tirelessly to protect your children’s rights. If child support matters are disputed, we help ensure that accurate information is presented to the court and also handle enforcement and modification actions.

Determined advocates litigate disputes regarding alimony

Conflicts over spousal support (for the duration of the divorce process) and maintenance (after the marriage is dissolved) can lead to costly litigation battles. We make sure you’re prepared by outlining relevant factors in alimony decisions, such as the duration of the marriage, each party’s earning ability and the standard of living you enjoyed. From there, we apply the facts in your case and press for an outcome that treats both sides fairly.

Contact an effective New York divorce lawyer for a free initial consultation

Goldberg Sager & Associates represents New Yorkers in divorce proceedings and related family law actions such as child support disputes. Please call 718-514-9516 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Brooklyn office, located on Kings Highway.

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