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Shopping Center Slip and Fall

Brooklyn Shopping Center Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

New York premises liability law firm represents clients injured in concourses and parking lots

There are many reasons that shopping centers have a high rate of slip and fall accidents. They draw more people and present more maintenance challenges than standalone stores. Additionally, with a shopping center, individual merchants are simply part of a wider landscape, so proprietors may not feel personally responsible for noticing hazards before accidents happen. If you’ve been hurt at a shopping mall, Goldberg Sager & Associates can help. Our Brooklyn shopping center slip and fall attorneys provide compassionate counsel and aggressive representation as we fight for the full compensation you deserve.

Shopping centers are prone to slip and fall injuries 

It’s no secret why shopping centers seem to be a magnet for slip and fall accidents. Proprietors often neglect maintenance of shared concourses and large parking lots that can become extremely hazardous during poor weather. Pools of water and icy patches create slick surfaces. Wear and tear leaves surface cracks and unfilled potholes, while wind-swept debris often catches shoppers unaware. Inadequate lighting exacerbates the danger after the sun has gone down.

As for the interior, problems include shoppers tracking in rain and snow, food and drink spills and moisture from roof, air conditioning and plumbing leaks. Maintenance crews are often understaffed, making it difficult to respond in a timely manner to hazards that pop up. Mall workers and individual shop owners are occupied with immediate business and might not be vigilant about safety problems. Some retail establishments create displays that create a tripping risk. 

Why Brooklyn shopping center accidents can be hard to prevent 

Admittedly, the size and scope of a New York metropolitan area shopping center presents challenges when it comes to maintenance and safety. Malls can lay out extra doormats on rainy days, but they cannot compel shoppers to wipe their feet. However, too many shopping centers simply fail to employ proper safety measures despite the likelihood of serious injuries. 

Proving negligence in a shopping center fall

Most premises liability cases come down to a single question: Was the property owner reasonable in the actions they took to minimize the risk of injury? Business owners have a duty to make their premises reasonably safe for visitors. This duty means they must carefully inspect the premises for hidden hazards that could cause harm to a shopper, and either present an effective warning or remove the hazard in a timely manner. The victim of a slippery floor or other hidden hazard must prove the owner, or the owner’s agents, knew or should have known of the problem and failed to respond adequately.

Who is liable for a NYC shopping center slip and fall injury?

In New York City, a commercial property owner is generally responsible for accidents that occur as a result of a hard-to-see hazard on their premises. However, depending on the circumstances and contractual agreements with other parties, additional defendants could include:

  • Owner of a shop within a mall or center
  • Property manager
  • Maintenance contractor
  • Third party whose negligence created the hazard

In many cases, a vendor or commercial tenant who exercised control over the area where the fall occurred is legally liable.

How our Brooklyn lawyers can help victims of shopping center accidents

Slip and fall accident cases can be difficult to prove, especially against powerful companies, such as shopping center owners. Despite having plenty of insurance, these businesses defend cases vigorously and try to bully victims into settlements for far less than a case is worth. Our legal team fights for you on several fronts, such as:

  • Collecting and preserving physical evidence, such as surveillance camera footage 
  • Gathering pertinent documentation
  • Interviewing witnesses and getting a sworn record of their testimony
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Representing you in court if warranted

Our concerted efforts help injured parties recover substantial amounts in verdicts and settlements.

Contact a New York City shopping center slip and fall attorney for a free consultation 

Goldberg Sager & Associates seeks compensation for New York City residents injured in shopping center slip-and-fall accidents. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 718-514-9516 or contact us online today.

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