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When A Loved One Dies Without A Will

Guiding Family Members When A Loved One Dies Without A Will

An estate without a will is known as an intestate estate. An experienced attorney at the law offices of Goldberg Sager & Associates can help you explore issues such as property division, transfer of assets, or property title transfers to a surviving spouse of a decedent or to someone else. In such situations, a person’s right to an inheritance is determined by New York’s intestate succession laws — not the wishes of the person who has died.

Brooklyn estate lawyer Marcel A. Sager has more than 25 years of experience helping surviving spouses, children, or other next of kin file petitions to serve as the administrator of the estate of an individual who has died without a will. Mr. Sager guides family members through the statutory requirements necessary to complete the final transfer of assets previously owned by deceased individuals. In addition to handling intestate succession matters, he provides a full range of service in the following areas:

Understanding An Intestate Estate

When a person dies and does not have a will, the state of New York distributes the property and assets of the deceased to certain classes of survivors. However, certain individuals usually take priority during the division process. If there is a surviving spouse and/or children, they are considered first. If the deceased has no spouse or child, the estate goes pursuant to New York State statute.

Disputes between heirs can be difficult to resolve and cause frustration and emotional distress. An experienced estate lawyer can look out for your best interests and help you obtain what is rightfully yours if your loved one has passed away without a will. Additionally, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may require the help of a lawyer to prove kinship.

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Goldberg Sager & Associates is committed to providing New York families with experienced, skilled legal guidance when loved ones have died intestate. Please contact us to get the answers you need.


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