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Brooklyn Family Law Modifications Lawyer Assists Couples Facing Changed Circumstances

New York law firm helps with custody, support and visitation changes

Divorce decrees that made sense at one time may become unfair and burdensome when the parties’ finances, family situations and other circumstances change. If you need to alter the terms of your divorce judgment, you can count on a skilled Brooklyn family law modifications lawyer at Goldberg Sager & Associates to step in and work to attain the changes you need.

Child custody modifications

Child custody is decided based on the court’s assessment of the best interests of the child. Any modifications must also be made with regard to those interests. For instance, a modification might be based on evidence that the custodial parent is no longer capable of properly caring for the child or that the current arrangements endanger the child’s safety or deprive them of important needs or family contacts. Our lawyer will assess whether the changed circumstances are significant enough to warrant a change in custody or visitation and will make every effort to help you achieve or prevent the modification.

Child support modifications

A court may modify a child support order if any of the following occurs:

  • Three years have passed since the order.
  • Either parent’s gross income has changed by at least 15 percent.
  • There has been a substantial change in circumstances.

What constitutes a substantial change in circumstances is determined on a case-by-case basis. Our lawyers have the experience and legal knowledge to make a strong case for granting or refusing a modification, depending on your personal situation.

Spousal support modifications

The court may modify a spousal support order in either of these circumstances:

  • The recipient spouse is unable to support themselves without more money.
  • There is a substantial change in financial circumstances, such as a financial hardship or the full or partial retirement of the paying spouse, which greatly reduces their income.

We will assemble and present any evidence that supports granting or refusing the modification.

Other family law order modifications in New York

Divorced couples may also wish to seek modifications of the following:

  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Parenting plans
  • Visitation schedules
  • Legal separation
  • Pet custody agreements
  • Orders of protection

Our family law attorney understands that each type of modification has its own criteria and will negotiate a modification agreement whenever possible. Otherwise, we will present the evidence and legal arguments that have the best chance of achieving your desired outcome.

The process for modifying a family court order in Brooklyn, New York

Entering an agreement with your ex-spouse is the easiest way to obtain a modification. A court will often simply adopt the agreement into a modification order. If an agreement is not possible, you will need to present sufficient evidence and legal argument to convince the court that your case meets the necessary standards for modification. Sometimes, finding the evidence requires an investigation and witnesses other than yourself to support your position. You can trust our attorney to make the strongest possible case in support of the outcome you are seeking.

Call a thorough Brooklyn family law modifications attorney

Goldberg Sager & Associates represents residents of New York City and surrounding counties in seeking or opposing modifications of family law orders. Please contact us online or call us at 718-514-9516 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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