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Traumatic Brain Injury

Brooklyn Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers Seek Lifelong Compensation for Victims

New York law firm represents victims and their families after accidents causing TBI

When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the effects can be debilitating and lifelong. When that injury occurs because of someone’s negligence, the situation cries out for justice. At Goldberg Sager & Associates in Brooklyn, we provide the aggressive representation victims of traumatic brain injury need to obtain adequate compensation for their losses. If you or a loved one has sustained a severe head injury, a Brooklyn traumatic brain injury lawyer at our firm can help. We have extensive experience representing clients who’ve suffered catastrophic injuries and who rely on us to secure a settlement or court verdict that addresses their present and future needs.

What is traumatic brain injury?

Unlike a typical head injury, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the tissue of the brain has been damaged in one of several ways, including:

  • Blunt force impact — This is a blow to the head by an object.
  • Concussive force — Shock waves from an impact can have effects on the brain.
  • Violent shaking — This can cause the brain to move within the cranium, shredding tissue.
  • Penetration of the skull — A foreign object, such as a bullet, tears brain tissue.
  • Oxygen deprivation — Lack of oxygen can cause brain cells to die.

Medical experts rate TBI on a scale from mild to moderate to severe.

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

Victims of traumatic brain injury can suffer both physical and cognitive impairment. The symptoms vary, depending on the severity of the damage. In moderate to severe cases, a victim can experience loss of consciousness from several minutes to hours, followed by any of the following symptoms:

  • Persistent headache or headache that worsens
  • Repeated vomiting or nausea
  • Convulsions or seizures
  • Dilation of the pupils
  • Clear fluids draining from nose or ears
  • Sleep disruption and inability to awaken from sleep
  • Weakness or numbness in extremities
  • Loss of coordination
  • Profound confusion
  • Agitation, combativeness or other unusual behavior
  • Slurred speech
  • Coma
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Sensitivity to light and sound

Many symptoms may not appear until days or weeks have passed.

Long-term effects of TBI

In a mild TBI, the symptoms may clear up within a few days. In worse cases, symptoms persist and require ongoing treatment. In the most severe cases, victims require lifelong personal and medical care. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict whether and to what extent a TBI patient may recover. The Centers for Disease Control has studied TBI outcomes five years from injury and has found that 22 percent of the patients died, 30 percent got worse, 22 percent stayed the same and only 26 percent improved.

Leading causes of TBI

Traumatic brain injuries occur most often from falls, motor vehicle accidents, criminal assaults and sports. In our personal injury practice, we’ve represented TBI patients in cases of:

We have a solid track record of success in obtaining appropriate compensation for devastating injuries.

Compensation for TBI victims and their families

Victims of TBI may be eligible for personal injury damages to cover economic losses, pain and suffering and loss of quality of life. This requires proof that another person’s negligence caused the injury. Workers who suffer TBI on the job may be limited to workers’ compensation benefits, but a Brooklyn construction accident attorney at our firm can tell you whether you might be able to sue a third party for negligence. Government benefits, such as Social Security Disability, also may be available for TBI patients who can no longer work.

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