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Construction Accidents

Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyers Have a Deep Understanding of NY Laws

Recovering damages for construction site injuries

Construction sites are inherently dangerous work environments. High scaffolding and dangerous equipment create an atmosphere where there is great potential for falls, crush injuries and other serious harm. In New York City and surrounding areas, ongoing construction is a fact of life in many places, presenting constant opportunities for injury. If you have suffered a work injury on a construction site, you need a personal injury lawyer who can help you get the care and recover the damages you need.

At the law office of Goldberg Sager & Associates in New York City, we provide attentive and responsive support while advocating aggressively for our injured clients and their families. Our experienced lawyers recognize that slip and fall accidents are common on construction sites. If you or someone you love is injured in such an accident, contact a Brooklyn premises liability lawyer at our firm today. We can help.

Scaffolding accidents attorneys can help you build a case

New York has special laws governing work injuries that take place on construction sites. Labor Law sections 240 and 241 are known as the “safe place to work” or “scaffold” laws. They state that if a construction worker suffers a scaffolding injury or an injury due to a falling object on the site, the contractor is responsible for the damages.

We handle third-party actions against outside contractors or subcontractors and their agents as well as other parties involved in the construction site who may be at fault for the accident. A knowledgeable Brooklyn personal injury attorney performs a thorough investigation into the facts of your case to identify the liable party or parties and exhaust all legal options available to reach a settlement or verdict for you.

If you have suffered an injury due to a construction accident, we understand you may have the following worries and concerns:

  • Where will I get the money needed to support my family?
  • How will I get the care I need?
  • Can I obtain reimbursement for pain and suffering?

A skilled lawyer at our law office can answer these and other questions, deal with insurance issues and take every step necessary to help you reclaim and rebuild your life after your accident. Although we attempt to settle cases without litigation, our skilled trial lawyers advocate relentlessly on your behalf in court, if necessary.

Tenacious advocacy for construction accident victims

If your injury prevents you from coming to our law office, a highly qualified attorney at Goldberg Sager & Associates can meet with you in your home or hospital room. Trust our reputable, experienced and compassionate construction site injury attorneys to provide you with comprehensive legal support after your accident. To speak with an experienced construction accident lawyer in Brooklyn or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today online or call us at 718-514-9516 or toll free at .We handle all personal injury claims on a contingency basis — we only take a fee after we reach a settlement or verdict for you.

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