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Be Aware of Hazards Caused by Fallen Leaves This Fall

Be Aware of Hazards Caused by Fallen Leaves This Fall

Fall has officially arrived! The leaves will begin to change from green to brown, red, and orange and will eventually fall to the ground. When this begins to happen, drivers, bikers, and pedestrians must be cautious, because fallen leaves will impact the conditions of the roads and sidewalks.


The fallen leaves combined with rain, often leads to more dangerous and slippery road conditions, resulting in an increased risk of accidents. The wet leaves on sidewalks and roadways effect the traction of both bicycle and vehicle tires, which may lead to skidding. The leaves on the ground may also conceal potholes and foreign objects.


In addition to bicyclists and drivers of motor vehicles, motorcyclists are also at risk of injury during the fall. With two wheels and the ability to drive at a high rate of speed, wet leaves could lead to the loss of control, resulting in accidents causing head injuries, broken bones, or severe abrasions from falling off the motorcycle. While a bicyclist cannot travel at the same rate of speed as a motorcycle, falling off of the bicycle, or skidding into traffic can still occur, resulting in similar injuries.


Also, as wind speeds begin to increase during the fall months, drivers, pedestrians, and bikers must be conscious of objects falling from the trees, such as branches. This may result in a shattered window or a serious injury to a pedestrian or bicyclist. It is also important to pay attention to the road, as the displays of fall foliage may distract a person from paying attention.


Although it may be difficult, try to avoid walking, cycling, or driving during foggy or wet conditions. If you must be on the road during inclement weather, be sure to maintain a slower speed and give yourself additional time to get where you are going, especially if it just rained or is foggy, because the roads may be slippery.


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