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How To Prevent The Majority Of Car Accidents

How To Prevent The Majority Of Car Accidents

Tragically, the majority of car accidents are preventable, and the only reason why they happen is because human beings are not very good at following rules. If, for example, every driver refrained from breaking the rules of the road, we would have dramatically fewer vehicle accident deaths on our hands.

There are many other things drivers can do to prevent the risk of roadway fatalities as well, but will they do them? Perhaps, with more education like the advice that follows, the American public will eventually come around.

Tips for keeping car accidents at bay

If every driver simply did the following, the roadways of the United States would be exponentially safer:

Follow all traffic laws: These laws exist for a reason, and when motor vehicle drivers refrain from following them, added risks and dangers present themselves. Nearly every vehicle accident is the fault of one particular person who did something wrong or failed to do something right. Don’t let that person be you.

Intoxicated driving: Whether it’s alcohol, drugs a prescribed medication or something else, don’t drive while you’re intoxicated. This will slow your reaction time, destroy your ability to navigate traffic and dramatically increase your chances of getting into a crash.

Remove all distractions: Your cellphone, food and other passengers are the enemy to safe driving. Put all potential distractions out of reach while you’re driving, and ask your passengers to respectfully remain silent or — at the very least — don’t get into heated debates, in-depth conversations or arguments with them.

Drive the speed limit: Although the speed limit is a rule of the road, which was covered in the first point, it’s important to reiterate it here: Driving too fast increases damages and injuries in the event of a collision, and it also increases the chances of a collision. Just don’t do it.

Stay safe on the road at all times

Following the above advice and using common sense will prevent the majority of auto accident deaths. Unfortunately, though, some drivers will not adhere to this advice. If you were hurt by one of these drivers, the law is on your side. Be sure to learn about your legal rights and options following any kind of motor vehicle accident-related injuries.

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