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Bicycle And Pedestrian Accidents Continue to Rise

For many people, walking and cycling are healthy activities that allow a person to enjoy the outdoors. According to the Highway Safety Association (HSA), bicycle and pedestrian accidents are on the rise. As summer approaches, the number of people engaging in cycling and walking in New York City will begin to increase. However, the number of serious injuries from accidents will also increase.

According to the Washington Post, over 850 cyclists sustain fatal injuries each year. Of those, approximately 50 percent of cyclists involved in a fatal accident were not wearing their helmet and the average age of these victims were 45 years old. Furthermore, most fatal cycling or walking accidents occur on roadways and ten percent of these accidents happen as a result of a distracted driver. 37 percent of bicycle and pedestrian accidents involve alcohol or drugs.

In response to the increase in bicyclist and pedestrian accidents, the HSA recommends that infrastructures be redesigned to meet the safety needs of cyclists and walkers. The HSA highlights that these groups of people are at a disadvantage when involved in an accident with vehicle. The HSA believes that additional bike lanes and safety measures must be implemented to protect cyclists and walkers in the community.

The Washington Post notes that the increase in the number of accidents is also a result of large bike-share programs. However, New York is behind many other cities when it comes to implementing safety measures and establishing marked bike lanes that are distinct from vehicles. While many people will continue to walk or cycle around town, it is important to pay attention to your surroundings and take the appropriate measures to protect yourself from a serious injury.

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