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Should I Take a Parenting Class During My New York Divorce?

Should I Take a Parenting Class During My New York Divorce?

Some divorce proceedings are considered “high conflict” due to hostile feelings experienced by one or both spouses, or if one parent has a substance abuse problem, which most likely caused the divorce in the first place. Child custody is one of the main issues to work out in a divorce, but it can be difficult in bitter divorces. Regardless of their feelings, parents should always keep in mind what is in the best interests of their child.

Parenting classes can help parents maintain custody and a positive relationship with their child during or after a divorce. Courses could be mandated by a court, or they may be voluntary, depending on the situation. For example, the state of New York offers a Parent Education and Awareness Program. This program was created by the New York State Unified Court System to help separating or divorcing parents by providing them with tools to improve the family dynamic after divorce or separation.

Benefits of a Parenting Class

Parenting classes are educational courses catered to parents, with the ultimate goal of improving their relationship with their child. Some parents are required to attend classes based on court orders, or they may choose to do so simply to learn better parenting skills. These classes are geared toward parents with children of all different ages, since even older kids might have trouble accepting the fact that their parents are getting a divorce.

If a parent is abusing drugs or alcohol, a judge may order that parent to attend a parenting class in order for him or her to regain custody of his or her child after restrictions were put in place at some point due to the substance abuse. In some cases, parents may be bitter and angry with each other because they did not want the divorce. These emotions can translate to anger management issues when they are with their child, which can also lead to mandatory parenting courses.

Court-ordered parenting classes can be taken in person in a classroom setting, or they may be available online. A certificate of completion typically satisfies the requirements of a court order issued by a judge. Online parenting classes are often ideal for working parents who may be juggling busy parenting schedules, extracurricular activities, and household duties.

Some of the topics covered in a parenting class include the emotional effects of a divorce on children, as well as tips for reducing stress. These classes can help parents recognize troubling behaviors in their kids and ways of dealing with those feelings. Instructors can also discuss ways for parents to avoid putting their kids in the middle of conflict or using them as pawns in divorce-related disputes.

Contact a New York City Divorce Attorney

A court can order you to take a parenting class during your divorce if certain events warrant it. If you are required to go to a parenting class for any reason, a knowledgeable Brooklyn family law lawyer can help you understand your rights and provide legal representation throughout the divorce process. The experienced law firm of Goldberg, Sager & Associates can help you maintain a positive relationship with your child. Call 718-514-9516 to schedule a consultation.


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