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What Should Drivers Do to Prevent Car Accidents From Driver Fatigue?

What Should Drivers Do to Prevent Car Accidents From Driver Fatigue?

People are very busy these days, and they are often rushing from place to place. Speeding is a common cause of auto accidents. However, when a motorist is overworked and overtired, this can also increase the chances of a collision. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), a motorist is three times more likely to be involved in a car accident if he or she is fatigued. A driver’s reaction time is much slower if he or she has not had adequate sleep or rest. That means he or she may not be able to stop in time if a vehicle in front of him or her suddenly slams on the brakes. Being drowsy behind the wheel can cause a collision, resulting in serious injuries to the driver and/or passengers, as well as pedestrians on the road.

Common Types of Car Crash Injuries

Vehicle accident injuries can range from minor to severe depending on the type of collision. Some of these injuries can leave a victim with debilitating conditions, which can result in lost wages if a person cannot return to his or her profession. Some of the more common injuries typically suffered in an auto accident include:

  • Head trauma: traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion
  • Back injuries: spinal cord or disc damage, paralysis
  • Neck injuries: whiplash, pinched nerve
  • Broken bones: facial fractures, broken arms or legs
  • Internal injuries: collapsed lung, internal bleeding
  • Psychological damage: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Tips for Preventing Drowsiness on the Road

Anytime a driver hits the road, regardless of whether it is for business or pleasure, he or she has a responsibility to operate the vehicle safely. New York trucking and freight companies have set rules about how long drivers can be on the road and how much rest they get between driving shifts. If they do not adhere to or enforce these regulations, trucking companies may be found negligent and therefore liable for any damages that were the result of an accident.

There are some practical ways drivers can reduce fatigued driving, including:

  • Drivers should get at least eight hours of sleep the night before driving.
  • When taking long road trips, another person can keep a driver alert and recognize signs of drowsiness.
  • Drivers should stop to take breaks during long excursions every couple of hours or every 100 miles.
  • A driver should not drink alcohol they are already feeling fatigued, since it will only exacerbate the drowsiness.
  • A driver should see a doctor or a sleep specialist if they have insomnia and/or feel tired during the daytime.

Contact a New York City Personal Injury Attorney

Automobile crashes are an unfortunate fact of life, even when safety measures are followed by drivers and passengers. In some collisions, however, a driver’s lack of sleep may have contributed to the accident. If you or a loved one was hurt because of a fatigued motorist’s actions, you may be entitled to compensation. A diligent Brooklyn car accident lawyer can fight for your rights after a vehicle collision. Call the experienced law firm of Goldberg Sager & Associates today at 718-514-9516 to schedule a free consultation.


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