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When to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

When to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

New York’s complex laws make it very difficult for couples who try to tackle divorce without the help of lawyers. Relying on advice from friends or the internet exposes people to costly mistakes and adds even more burdens at an already stressful time. If the parties are looking to save expense and they agree on key issues, an uncontested divorce with attorney support can accomplish those goals while providing legal protection.

Even if you and your partner plan to break up simply and amicably, a qualified divorce attorney is a valuable resource to help you:

  • Manage legal obligations — Divorce is not just an agreement between two spouses to split. It is the unwinding of a multifaceted legal relationship created and authorized by the state. At each stage, the paperwork and procedural requirements must be followed.
  • Guard against surprises — At any point in the process, one spouse can destroy months of amicable negotiations. Even worse, issues involving improper financial dealings or domestic violence can arise. If these occur, you will need legal counsel, and you do not want to have to find an attorney in the middle of your divorce.
  • Maintain professional proceedings — Any aspect of a divorce can bring up memories and emotions that distract from the efficient completion of the process. Even if issues like property division and child custody are settled, communicating through your counsel keeps everyone focused and professional.

Breaking up a marriage disrupts every part of your life. An experienced legal guide through the process is essential to minimizing the damage and moving on. At the firm of Goldberg Sager & Associates, Attorneys at Law, our divorce lawyers assist people going through contested and uncontested divorces. To schedule a consultation with an experienced Brooklyn matrimonial attorney, call 718-514-9516 or contact us online.

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