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More Divorced Parents Sharing Their Homes in “Birdnesting” Arrangements

When parents divorce, children often have a very difficult time adjusting to their new life, which typically has included splitting time between two different homes. However, more families are opting for a custody arrangement that minimizes disruption for young people and offers potential benefits to parents as well.  A “birdnesting” plan is a non-traditional co-parenting Read More

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NY Child Custody Evaluators Must Now Be Trained to Recognize Domestic Violence

Child custody can be a hotly disputed issue in a divorce, especially when there are questions raised about possible domestic violence and child abuse. The family courts often hear evidence from and rely upon forensic evaluators in custody cases. The evaluators assess each parent for child-rearing fitness and interview the children of an appropriate age. Read More

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How NY Courts Determine a Child’s Best Interests in Custody Cases

Child custody can be an emotional and contentious aspect of a divorce case. However, the parents’ preferences or objections are not what determine the custody decision. The court will focus on what is in the best interests of the child. There is no statutory definition of the term “best interests” in New York. Rather, there Read More

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Can a Child’s Preference Influence Custody and Visitation Schedules?

New York family courts encourage divorcing or separating parents to work out custody and visitation schedules themselves whenever possible. But doing so requires a level of cooperation that many parents simply cannot muster, particularly when the children are mature enough to have a say in the arrangements. Children may express a preference for living with Read More

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How Is Child Custody Determined in a New York Divorce?

How Is Child Custody Determined in a New York Divorce? A divorce can be difficult for everyone involved, including not just the divorcing spouses themselves, but other family members, including any children they share. For divorcing parents, child custody is often one of the most important and contentious issues that must be resolved as they Read More

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